CrowdWine is the first crowdfunding project dedicated to

the wine world

CrowdWine is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the world of Italian wine. It was born with the aim of supporting small and medium Italian wineries in a time of great structural and financial difficulty, offering them a direct channel to reach all the wine lovers around the world. So that, thanks to wine lovers funding and loyalty, wineries are able to go on producing and selling high quality wines

Crowdwine Founders

Milano Wine Week

The first event in Italy dedicated to the world of wine, which aims to bring together a make talk opinion leaders, buyers and professionals, sector organizations, wineries and consumers all all around the world, to enhance the competitiveness of the entire supply chain wine and spread the wine culture. MWW offers a unique event to the wine world, with a physical program supported by an innovative digital platform with international visibility.

OriginalItalia è il portale dove i piccoli produttori Italiani trovano il loro spazio online in Italia e all’estero attraverso la narrazione di storie autentiche, di eccellenza e italianità.
The mission is to adopt a Slow approach to the world of retail and eCommerce, building a sustainable portal where Italian quality and biodiversity are enhanced


Help Italian wine producers and go to

Eppela is the largest Italian crowdfunding platform, safe and fast, to guarantee producers as much visibility as possible.

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25th May 2020


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